Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for students of PianoLessonsSG

Piano Teacher Referral
Piano teachers are assigned to students base on their requirements. We will also find a teacher that is situated the closet to you.

Please take note that these piano teachers are freelance and not employed under PianoLessonsSG.

Piano Teacher’s Certifications
PianoLessonsSG will provide a copy of the teacher’s qualifications if requested. However, PianoLessonsSG is not responsible in verifying these certificates. Students, on their own, will have to review all these documents and certificates of the teacher on their first lesson.

Payment of Piano Lesson Fees
For the first month’s payment, students are required to pay 50% to PianoLessonsSG via Internet Banking or ATM transfer BEFORE commencing their first lesson.

On the 4th lesson of the first month, students are required to pay the remaining fee for that month as well as the fee for the next TWO lessons directly to the piano teacher.

Referral Fee
Unless the student decides to terminate the piano lessons without any valid reasons within a time frame of a month, there will be NO referral fee payable by the student.

Minimum Requirement of Commitment
Students are required to commit for at least ONE month with the piano teacher once lessons commence.

Early Termination of Piano Lessons
The full referral fee will still have to be paid even if the student decides to terminate the piano lessons before the end of the first month.
PianoLessonsSG will only replace a teacher ONCE, free of charge, if the termination is due to an improper conduct of the piano teacher.

PianoLessonsSG will not be held responsible for resolving any conflict or disagreement that may arise between teachers and students. PianoLessonsSG will also not be involve in any conflicts or disagreements between the teacher and the student or parent. However, we do gather feedback regularly from our students to filter out any teachers who are deem unsuitable. Any suggestions or feedbacks are always welcome.

PianoLessonsSG will not be responsible for any indirect, exceptional or consequential damages that may arise from the use of this website.

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